Smart Wires Inc.

Reimagining the grid for net zero

A new paradigm

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The current grid cannot deliver the renewable energy and wide-scale electrification net zero demands. It needs a major upgrade – with new hardware, software and services – so it can deliver real-time (millisecond) flexibility and responsiveness to seamlessly connect clean energy to consumers. This is one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century.

Creating a digital grid

3.5 GW

of network capacity unlocked

$1.6 B

in customer savings


device-years of operation

The transition to a digital grid is vital to achieving a net zero world. We are reimagining the grid with high-impact technology and services that provide a digital, secure and accessible power system – accelerating renewable energy adoption and wide-scale electrification across the world.

Transforming grids globally

We’re helping the world’s leading utilities transform the grid by quickly solving bottlenecks and grid issues. We complement and improve grid assets by adding flexibility and capability to deliver more for system operators, regulators, and consumers.

High-impact grid enhancing technology and services


Power Flow Control


Dynamic Line Rating


Advisory Services